First Impressions

The tour for Cindy Cupcakes is totally adorable, which is fitting given how totally adorable this young chick is. The colors are so pretty and the young beauty is happily showing us her small tits in some of the pictures. This is definitely one of those websites where the girl is trying to be as young and innocent as possible without making you feel like a sicko. She`s pretty generous with the preview content too so you can really check out a whole lot of hot stuff. Don`t you want to see her at her sexiest?

Hot Promises

Cindy Cupcakes promises us that she will provide sexy picture galleries and videos where we can see her being a very bad girl. She`s young and tasty with a hot body and a perky pair of tits and it looks like she shows it all off. She promises webcam shows, frequent updates, naughty videos, naked pictures and bonus sites. It looks like the site is pretty new at this point but according to the update schedule (at least as of right now) she`s giving you new content at a pretty good rate.


Cindy Cupcakes welcomes you to her site with a short note about how she`s really excited to have you as a member. Below that you`ll find the most recent updates and since the site is new she`s been adding content like crazy. It`s been every 2-4 days so far, although some of that is a wallpaper or a few candid pictures, which don`t really count as updates. It`s July 2009 and the site is just getting started but if she continues to add new stuff every week it should be plenty big in no time at all.

The links to all your bonus sites can be found on that main page along with several advertisements. They keep them off to the side but I certainly could have done without them. Along the top of the page you`ll find links to all the wonderful parts of the site. They`re designed like tabs and they`re really easy to use so it`s just a click to the content that you want to see most. Is it the pictures where Cindy Cupcakes takes off her clothes and shows us her pussy or is it the videos where she does the same but in full motion` Maybe you`d prefer the forums, the wallpapers or the journal?

The point is that Cindy Cupcakes has a full site for us to enjoy. I started in the picture sets and right now she has 14 of them for you. You can choose the high or low resolution version of each and they come in at 1200px and 900px, respectively. There`s a title and a thumbnail for each on the picture page so you just have to pick the tasty preview picture that looks best to you. The one I went with was a shot of her ass in boyshort panties with stockings creeping up towards her soft cheeks. She`s wearing a Hustler lingerie set in the gallery and working a stripper`s pole while taking her clothes off. It was a damn fine choice and I recommend it heartily to anyone that joins the site.

The content at Cindy Cupcakes is all solo so she needs to keep things interesting with her outfits and locations. So far she`s doing a great job of mixing it up. For the most part she sticks to the cute/innocent look, although she has a terrific way of making it naughty. She wears a typical schoolgirl outfit but the top is really short, the bra is a push-up and she`s wearing white stockings to really entice and arouse. I like her country girl look a whole lot too. The shirt is white and red plaid and the jeans are skin tight. Each gallery is a chance to explore something new and Cindy does a great job of making sure you`re having a good time when you explore with her.

She generally gets fully naked in her sets and you will have a chance to see her young pussy. She doesn`t do anything overly naughty ` she`s not finger fucking or driving a dildo inside the box ` but that doesn`t seem to be the point of the site. She wears braces, for God`s sake! She`s young, cute and innocent and she`s inviting you to look in on the naughtiest parts of her body and that`s what makes joining her site so attractive.

Cindy Cupcakes has videos for you and in them the cutie turns up the dirty factor a little bit more. I was particularly fond of the set where she bent over, pulled her denim skirt up over her waist and then took a beating from a riding crop. That looked awfully hot and a little bit painful. In another she`s in the shower pouring baby oil all over her body and in particular her ass and pussy. She`s tight and slim to begin with and when she gets all slippery and sexy with oil the set is even sexier. In another video she showers and once again she`s wet and sexy.

Webcam shows are supposed to be available but it`s unclear if Cindy is going to show up for them. There`s a schedule up but she doesn`t have anything on it. However, you can enjoy other hot chicks on cam because of the bonus content. You usually get 3-5 shows a week. There are seven wallpapers up right now and they`re sexy if you want to dress up your desktop. You can chat it up on the forums with Cindy, other members of the site and members of other sites. There are five videos that were taken from past cam shows so I assume Cindy will be back at some point. Those videos are downloadable and they look good. Cindy has a journal but she hasn`t updated it yet so I`m not sure when or if that will happen. Finally there`s the candid section. There are 11 galleries and one video and they`re most self shots of her in lingerie and panties.

Your membership also gets you access to 12 other hot sites. Two of those sites feature hardcore sex with young chicks at the center of the scene. Those chicks are hot and sexy and they love to have their pussies filled with fuck stick. The other ten sites are all about hot solo chicks showing off. The babes are young and beautiful and they pose in a variety of outfits. I guarantee you`ll like at least a few of them and thus your membership becomes a whole lot more valuable.

Croco’s Opinion

Cindy Cupcakes is young and sexy and her online home was just recently launched (as of July 2009). She has stocked it with picture galleries and videos where she shows off her young and beautiful body. She teases you with sexy costumes and lingerie and cute teenage outfits. She strips and plays with her tits. She shows off her young pussy and hopes that you dream of fucking it. She has webcam videos and will most likely be doing frequent webcam shows in the future. Even if she doesn`t you get access to a full network of cam babes so you`re almost never without a show to enjoy on any given day. With the 12 bonus sites you`re getting a damn fine deal and that`s as good a reason as any to check out the site.


It`s easy to use all the content features. The only thing she needs is more information/screencaps for the videos.

Pricing Policy

It`s $24.95 for 30 days and $49.95 for 90 days.

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